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Only shrink pictures option still makes a new jpg-file


Image Resizer works very well. Just one thing...
I wanted to use the option Only Shrink pictures because I only want smaller pictures, not larger.
But when I use Image Resizer with smaller pictures the Resizer still makes new files. OK, with the same size as the source but I have about 17,000 pictures, so I just want to have new files of pictures that are smaller than the source-pictures, so I know which pictures were shrunk!
I use Windows 8.1, the pictures were jpg's and the options were:
  • Custom Scale to 260 Pixels
  • Only shrink pictures
    (- Ignore picture rotations or un-tagging this option gives the same result).
Is there perhaps a hidden option where Image Resizer only creates new files when the picture is really smaller (so not the same size)?
If not: can Image Resizer be modifies to not-make a new file, please?
Closed Aug 6, 2016 at 3:33 AM by BriceLambson
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